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In Greater China, market trends, regulatory environments and social issues and consumer preferences are changing every day.

 Whether it is company news, competitor information, industry news or market dynamics, WiseNews delivers the information you need to your desktop, every day. WiseNews presents filtered and categorized content from an unrivalled range of newspapers, magazines, journals and newswires from across the Greater China region.

Catering for the needs of educational institutes, WiseNews@Academic provides a streamlined one-stop access to the most comprehensive Greater China news and information for research and study.  Librarians, academic staff and students can get the most timely and relevant news information in a manageable manner. For more information, please download our product leaflet.

Why WiseNews?

Accurate competitive information. Users can monitor the competitive landscape, thereby enhancing the competitive intelligence system, by identifying opportunities and mitigating threats promptly. Industry trends can be identified practically real-time, and responses to marketing campaigns can also be ascertained almost immediately.

Legitimate and attributable content. Relevant news information, accurately filtered and categorized according to flexible parameters, from verifiable and recognized sources delivered in a timely manner.

Workflow efficiency. Efficiency is maximized and information flow is enhanced through a centralized platform, yet content is accessible from multiple locations simultaneously.  


Key Features

Intuitive tracking and categorization. Standard or customized, tracking folders allow unrivalled grouping by subject, keyword, industries and stock codes. Users can download, print and forward as necessary for circulation and/or filing.

Targeted source selection capabilities. "Select source" function allows users to focus on specific news coverage by publication among those categorized news and facilitates the honing in on the specific news sources while filtering out the other source that are not relevant.

Scalability and connectivity. Supports IP access connection for static, large-scale client terminal requirements.

Text or image view. Both full text and/or original scanned images are available for viewing, printing, emailing, downloading or saving to "My Temp Folder" for easy access.



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