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WiseSearch offers the world's largest Chinese and English language database of published information from Greater China. Fortune 500 companies and local Chinese enterprises, communications and PR agencies, media companies and academic institutions all rely on WiseSearch for information, answers and knowledge.

Wherever they are in the world, users can search in Chinese or English using the world's largest bilingual search engine dictionary and synonym table. This resource is continually updated by Wisers' team of ontologists and lexicographers to deliver the broadest and most accurate search results, every time.

Product Family

WiseSearch – Leading local newspapers publishers
Covering the key newspapers and publications from leading Hong Kong newspapers publishers. Daily delivery of some 7,000 new articles on breaking news, local and global issues, business and finance developments and broad industry news.

WiseSearch Pro – Greater China, overseas & special interests printed media
Aggregating over 900 top Greater-China, overseas and special interests information sources, with more than 20,000 daily new items from high quality and authoritative print publishers as well as industry-focused content providers.

Why WiseSearch?

The largest Chinese database of published information from Greater China. Wisers' news archive is updated every day, direct from over a thousand of content sources, including all leading Chinese and English newspapers of Hong Kong and other top tier newspapers and magazines of Greater China. Our database offers unrivalled breadth and depth of Greater China news reports and feature articles since 1993.

Most updated information. Content is uploaded 24 hours a day as early as 8:30am local time on the same day for major daily media.

Unique Chinese content acquisition and storage capabilities. Wisers' proprietary Electronic News Media and Publishing System (ENMPS) converts a huge volume of simplified and traditional Chinese content into a single searchable and flexible database. Wisers's Information Processing on Chinese (IPOC) search technology enables search by phrases, taking into account the semantics and context that are vital to effective searching in Chinese.

Reliable information & legitimate distribution. Wisers' authoritative content providers offer authorized information, allowing legitimate usage in your company.  


Key Features

Keyword Search. Use a Chinese or English keyword to track related information from daily updated news and news archive from Wisers' database. Use alphabetical connectors “and”, “or”, “not”, or symbolic connectors “+”, “/”, “-” to build sophisticated search strings for more targeted results.

Search with Similar Words. Thanks to WiseSearch's advanced bilingual dictionary, users are able to search keywords, as well as their translations in English, simplified or traditional Chinese, abbreviations and acronyms (as applicable) and track the relevant and complete results.

My Thesaurus. Define your own thesaurus terms with associated keywords to get more specific and relevant results according to your requirements when conducting keyword search.

Highlight and Search. Simply highlight words or phases in the articles to conduct another keyword search by one click.

Company Search. Browse News Snapshot, Overview and Financial Highlights of Hong Kong listed companies by entering the name or stock code, or selecting industry filter or company financial data filter such as Turnover (Operating Income), Profit Before Tax, P/E Ratio, and ROAA.

Refine Search. From the preliminary search result, by entering another keyword(s) or selecting the source from the list, you can further refine your search to look for specific articles precisely.

Flexible Retrieval & Distribution. Simple function keys offer features such as Print, Email, Download and Add to My Temp Folder for your flexible information management.


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"Thanks to WiseSearch - with its incredibly comprehensive and up-to-date database - we can keep our eyes on various intelligence from a wide spectrum of diverse sources..."

Professor Kam-Fai Wong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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- George Bernard Shaw