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Established in 1998, with the technical foundation from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the support from Innovation & Technology Fund of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Wisers has grown to be the world's leading provider of Chinese media and business intelligence solutions.

Today, Wisers has around 1,100 staff (including contract analysts) working in 9 offices across in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China, serving over 2,500 enterprises from around the globe.

Our Mission

Powered by leading edge artificial intelligence and the world's largest Chinese data set covering print, web and social media, Wisers empowers businesses to make smart decisions through best-in-class solutions which deliver actionable insights and business intelligence.

Our Values

Our values drive us to excellence.

  • Vision-driven teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Go for the extra mile
  • Drive for and embrace innovation
  • Frank and open mindedness
  • Encourage personal growth and recognize for performance

Our Difference

  • We are

    Wisers has the world's largest collection of Chinese content set. Our database covers over 470,000 sources ranging from media to industry and financial data, with an archive of over 59 billion items since 1979, and is accelerating at a pace of 68 million new items per day in average.
  • We are

    By putting information to work, we help companies to uncover valuable insights across all media types, including online, social, print & broadcast media.
  • We protect

    We respect and protect copyright. Our extensive and strong partnerships with content owners enable us to provide licensed & reliable content that frees you from worrying about the legitimacy.
  • We commit to

    We help companies to succeed with the most advanced technologies and through top notch academic collaboration. We work to deliver innovative solutions our customers need by utilizing breakthrough technologies:
    • Proprietary and scalable Chinese-language content aggregation system
    • Intelligent AI technologies
    • Effective information processing technologies
    • Powerful search engine & infrastructure
  • We provide

    Powered by talented people and dedicated account servicing teams located across various parts of the Chinese-speaking world, Wisers is committed to provide the highest level of services to support your business needs and drive the most value from our solutions.

    To keep pace with the fast changing market, we provide 24x7 operations, enabling you to stay abreast of markets, competitors, issues and breaking news at real time.

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