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Properties & Shopping Malls

Capitalize on Unprecedented Visibility and Insightful Analytics to Drive Business Results

Success in property management is often determined by where you begin. Timely, accurate, and complete information gives you unmatched power to solve the puzzle, and drive business growth.

Wisers solutions for Properties & Shopping Malls deliver capabilities that match your specific needs, enabling you to manage your business more effectively and optimize performance of your property portfolio.

Key Benefits

Improve Visibility

  • Vertical industry content coverage across all media: print, online, social, TV, radio, etc.
  • Access critical business information about the highly competitive world of residential, commercial, and shopping mall segments, as well as the latest government regulatory.
  • Achieve a comprehensive, real-time picture of your business at anytime, anywhere via web browser and mobile device.

Manage Crisis and Risk Effectively

  • Proactive media monitoring with automatic news filing and tracking.
  • 24x7 alerts on negative news and key issues, enabling you to monitor and respond to crisis, and manage risk appropriately.

Discover Insights, Threats and Opportunities

  • Stay ahead by assessing all essential market information including industry news and events, government policies, competitor moves, industry reports, economic analysis, occupancy rates, etc.
  • Access real-time dashboard for insights around opportunities and risks, support timely and better decision making.

Enhance Business Results

  • Measure and monitor your competitors in real-time, helps you be better positioned to attract and retain tenants, and devise winning strategies.
  • Capitalize on the unprecedented visibility into all aspects of the industry, target critical information, act quickly and proactively to drive better business results.

Learn How Wisers Solution Can Help a Property Company in Strategic and Business Planning

User department:

Business Development


Property development planning to maximize future return

  • Monitor government policies
  • Establish land reserve strategies and bidding game plan
  • Make predictive measures from filtered and analyzed media data
  • Identify risks and opportunities

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