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Rachel Lee

Corporate Communications


The retail industry is highly competitive and dynamic, how to grasp comprehensive and timely information is a big challenge. As an emerging online shopping platform, HKTV needs to stay abreast of corporate news, industry trends and market dynamics to respond quickly to changes and devise insightful strategies.

Ms. Rachel Lee from HKTV Corporate Communications Department, explains the challenge faced by the group, “the traditional way of news clipping is time-consuming, manual, yet easy to miss out key information. Back in 2003, we realized that we needed a smarter way to stay close to corporate and industry news, and at the same time, to save personnel time and effort.” Apart from easy access to accurate, relevant and comprehensive information, cost and functionality are also HKTV’s key concerns in selecting a platform.

React Quickly & Wisely with Real-Time Intelligence
Wisers, equipped with the world’s largest Chinese media database, became their most reliable solutions provider. More than a decade since then, Wisers is still their trustworthy firsthand information source. Searching company and market news from Wisers platform became a daily habit of Corporate Communications staffs. “The company news, industry updates and market trends provided by Wisers sharpened our strategies and facilitated our staffs to encounter this ever changing market with firsthand news.” Said Rachel.

Sharing Insights with Enhanced Efficiency
Wisers platform provides HKTV a quick and efficient way to manage information, the real-time insights can also be shared across relevant teams in the company with a few clicks. Rachel describes Wisers in 3 words: CONVENIENT, FAST, ACCURATE.

“Previously we needed to manually search through newspapers, magazines and websites to find relevant news, produce and store clippings, it was a lot of time-consuming work. With Wisers, we can now access all information including historical data in one place, quickly pinpoint, download and share useful information, saving us tedious hours of scrubbing through piles of clippings and reviewing irrelevant items,” says Rachel.

“The Wisers team has always been very helpful. There was an occasion that we couldn’t find a particular news column and called Wisers for help. Not only did the Wisers team respond instantly to solve the problem, they also investigated the issue thoroughly. We are really impressed with Wisers’ swift response and service throughout the years,” says Rachel.

Hong Kong Television Network Limited
Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV) is a Hong Kong Listed company. Established in 1992, the group possesses extensive and successful experience in telecom market liberalization, popularizing advanced technology and applications. The Group currently engages in the development of Hong Kong's largest 24-hour online shopping mall, HKTVmall, providing a "one-stop shop" platform to people in Hong Kong , including entertainment, online shopping, and delivery service.

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