Wisers Knowledge Management and Content Service System (Wisers System) has received the Innovation Award, 2005 of the China Computer Federation in recognition of its technical excellence and innovation.

The Innovation Award is set up by the China Computer Federation on behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology to recognize important technological discoveries and breakthroughs in basic and applied research in computer engineering. Three level 2 prizes and six merit prizes were awarded this year.

The China Computer Federation (CCF) applauded Wisers System, developed by Prof. Wong, for its innovative contributions to technology transfer, pointing out that ‘Wisers System has combined Chinese information processing technology to provide large-scale clipping, processing and management of newspaper articles. Its editorial function is comprehensive and in-depth, and comprises innovative indexing, categorization, content analysis and information extraction technologies, which are significant for modern Chinese cultural development.’

The original information retrieval technology was developed in a CUHK academic research, and was later commercialized, forming the solid foundation for Wisers system.

(Extract fromhttp://www.cuhk.edu.hk/ipro/pressrelease/060501e.htm)