The Shanghai World Expo 2010 (“the Expo”), one of the largest expositions in the history of world fairs, has started the countdown! Wisers Information Limited (“Wisers”), the world’s largest Chinese news database and a leading information service provider, has teamed up with Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group (“WenXin”), the media partner of the Expo, to launch the “Cross-border Broadcast of World Expo”. According to the collaboration, the Expo news content from WenXin will be delivered to Wisers’ news database and then be spread to the world through Wisers’s information platforms. Meanwhile, by leveraging its extensive media network and unrivalled reputation, Wisers was delegated by WenXin to promote cross-border media collaboration with the media corporations in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


Share Expo news
Under the “Cross-border Broadcast of World Expo”, the Expo news content (both published and non-published news content) will be delivered to Wisers’s news database instantly. The government departments, business entities, academics, NGOs, media and the general public can stay tuned on the latest Expo news through Wisers’s information platforms: WiseNews, WiseLearning, WiseNews iPhone edition and the upcoming WiseJournalist platform.


Foster media cooperation
As the world’s largest Chinese news database providier, Wisers has partnered with thousands of media corporations in the Greater China region. WenXin is not only a renowned media corporation on mainland but also one of the media corporations investing huge resources in reporting on the Expo. During the Expo, WenXin’s 18 publications will cover the Expo with the greatest efforts.

The partnership between Wisers and WenXin has been 10 years long. Delegated by the WenXin Media Alliance Leading Team of the Expo, Wisers is also responsible for the promotion of the cross-border media collaboration with the media corporations in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Participating media can make use of the rich content including text, pictures and videos of the Expo from WenXin’s news platform. In the meantime, Wisers has set up the “ WiseSearch WenXin Reporter Zone” to assist WenXin’s journalists in accessing news and information. The cooperation will offer Wisers’s news database to WenXin and will also boost up digitization process of WenXin’s information center.

Ms. Denise Che, Wisers’s Chief Executive Office, said, “The ‘Cross-border Broadcast of World Expo’ is not only a new attempt for both companies, but also is another milestone in Wisers’s China development. Wisers has become WenXin’s best channel to deliver the Expo news to the public. Moreover, the cooperation can bring deeper media relationships and foster information exchange across the region. We believe that we will be able to create a win-win situation for all parties being involved.”

Please click here to read thepress releaseand thenews coveragein the Mainland.


大中華媒體一直信賴的合作夥伴  慧科全力推動兩岸四地世博資訊交流



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