The Seminar on “Report on the Social Media Analysis of the Most Significant Events in 2010” (“ the Report”) was held on 4 March, 2011 at the School of Journalism, Fudan University. Mr. Xie Haiguang, Vice Director of Shanghai Office of Public Opinion and Propaganda Leading Group, Mr. Meng Jian, Professor of Journalism School, Fudan University, Ms. Liu Xiaoming, Executive Director of Public Opinion Center, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Ms. Denise Che, CEO of Wisers, and some 60 research scholars, government officials and journalists were invited to participate in the event.

The “Report” was jointly conducted by Wisers and Media and Public Opinion Research Center at Fudan University (“Center”), it analyzed the social media spread of 8 top hot issues happened in China in 2010, covering the aspects of public safety, justice, production, people’s livelihood and government officials. The analysis examined the selected issues from different perspectives, such as media network, dissemination trend, public opinion, and government response.

Wisers has always strived to provide a comprehensive media monitoring service for various industries and clients. Wisers closely follows the development of social networks and emerging media in the Greater China region. The Center is a renowned public opinion research organization. Wisers hopes that through strengthening the mutual co-operation in the future, the market intelligence of social media monitoring could be further enhanced, and the two parties could complement each other to make contributions to the development of monitoring, research and services of China’s media.

From left to right: Ms. Liu Xiaoming, Ms. Denise Che, Mr. Xie Haiguang

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復旦•慧 科2010年社會輿情熱點事件報告發佈