The inauguration ceremony of the “Social Media Research Institute” established by Wisers and Fudan University (“Fudan”) was held at Wisers’ Shanghai office on 21 July 2011.   Following the Seminar titled “Report on the Social Media Analysis of the Most Significant Events in 2010” in March 2011, the new institute further strengthens the partnership between Wisers and Fudan.

Ms. Denise Che, CEO of Wisers, Mr. Li Shuanglong, Associate Professor and Vice President of Journalism School and Executive Director of Media and Public Opinion Research Center of Fudan University, and Mr. Zhou Baohua, Associate Professor and Associate Director of Media and Public Opinion Research Center of Fudan University were present at the ceremony. Also in attendance were the research teams from both parties.

In her opening speech, Ms. Denise Che introduced the fruits of the partnership in the first half of 2011 and expressed confidence that there will be tremendous cooperation opportunities in the future. Mr. Li Shuanglong also set out the direction and development framework for future cooperation in social media research, and suggested a series of constructive plans, such as the setting up of a “social media public opinion database” and a joint-research on microblogs.

The new Social Media Research Institute will conduct comprehensive and in-depth analyses on hot issues as discussed on social media, in order to provide government departments, commercial organizations, social groups and academic institutes with professional consulting services, and at the same time, enhance the academic research capability and standard of social science studies.

From left to right: Mr. Li Shuanglong, Assoc. Professor and VP of Journalism School of Fudan, Ms. Denise Che, CEO of Wisers

News coverage of this ceremony from《證券時報》《北京青年報》丶《南方日報》and《北京晨報》