Consumer Intelligence

Consumer Intelligence transforms content about brands and products from Greater China and international media into actionable insights for sales, product and customer service managers, as well as market researchers and public relations executives.

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Real time tracking of brand-related discussions and events help marketers understand the environment, their brand’s reputation, the competitive situation and discover business opportunities.

Analysis of consumer perceptions enhances product development and enables better product lifecycle management. Factors such as consumer evaluations, the competitive set, and public sentiment are analysed. Verticals covered include automotive, fashion design, cosmetics and skincare, and medicine.

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Key features

Understand consumer behavior

  • Quantify purchase factors and circumstances.
  • Identify customer interests and preferences.
  • Discover the real voice of consumers.
  • Listen to and analyze social media comments, enquiries and complaints in real time.
  • Identify influencers.

Unleash the power of vertical industry intelligence

  • Get deep industry knowledge combined with linguistic data analysis and artificial intelligence.
  • Access bespoke and comprehensive intelligence solutions specialized for key verticals.
  • Available now: Aviation, Automotive, Banks, E-commerce, Futures, Medicine, Properties and P2P Lending.
  • Develop efficient product development strategies backed by industry-focused and accurate data.

Track vertical industry news and trends

• Stay on top with instant updates on vertical industries.

• Get industry-focused knowledge with customised real-time subscription covering industry news, policies, hot topics and negative news.

• Optimise business decisions with professional analysis of industry trends – from brand diagnosis, campaign evaluation, scorecard to product WOM.


Monitor and analyze

  • Your brand’s reputation.
  • Consumer and market sentiment.
  • Advertising by ad-value and share of voice.
  • Competitors’ products and services.
  • Industry/sector benchmarking.

Categorize, sort and filter content

  • Sort content by criteria most commonly used by sales and marketing professionals.
  • Categorize content by brand, media segment, top industry players, product categories, and more.
  • Critical event detection and tracking.
  • Knowledge graph mining and topic classification using 400+ multidimensional topic labels.

Employ advanced language processing technology

  • Classify topics accurately powered by segmentation of Chinese phrases and sentence semantics analysis.
  • Detect and track critical events enabled by content clustering and hot keyword retrieval.
  • Enhanced data quality thanks to taxonomy technologies.
  • Automatic image recognition, including your brand logos.