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Media Monitoring

Empowering your strategy with real-time media monitoring, comprehensive analytics, and actionable insights across all media channel.

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Provided Features

Sentiment Analysis

Reveal target audience sentiments with our advanced sentiment analysis tools.

AI-Powered Analytics

Revolutionize media analysis with advanced NLP, OCR and Logo Detection technologys.

Real-Time Tracking

Finger on the pulse of global media with real-time tracking.

Omin-Channel Coverage

Comprehensive coverage across all media platforms, including social media, blogs, online news, and print media.

Social Media Monitoring

Are you monitoring all media channels closely enough?

Experience uninterrupted omni-media monitoring and insights with WiseMonitor. Our platform seamlessly covers all channels – from social media and global news to print forums and podcasts. Stay informed, no matter where the conversation unfolds.

Public Opinion Monitoring

Ever been caught off guard by sudden burst of negative exposure?

Never be caught unprepared by negative exposure. WiseMonitor delivers real-time monitoring of global news and 24/7 instant alert, empowering you to react swiftly and effectively.

Customized Alert Triggers

Customize keywords to trigger alerts so that you can receive notifications tailored to your exact needs.

Flexible Alert Settings

Choose your preferred time and frequency for receiving alerts, maintaining control over when and how you get informed.

Multiple Delivery Options

Receive alerts through email or WeChat, stay on top of critical media mentions in the most convenient way you prefer.

Diverse Metrics at Your Fingertips

Access a variety of analysis types like Report Overview, Sentiment Trend Graph, and Sentiment Distribution through an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard.

Customizable Reporting

Tailor your reports by selecting specific metrics that matter most to your analysis, ensuring relevant and focused insights.

Insightful Summaries for Quick Understanding

Benefit from concise summaries in your reports, highlighting key insights and trends for easy comprehension and strategic decision-making.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Customized Reports for Specific Media Insights?

Our reporting tool offers detailed, data-driven media analysis, simplifying complex data into actionable insights. Share clear, concise reports with your team to keep every on the same page.