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FMCG, Luxury & Retail Industry Intelligence

Empower Your Market Intelligence to Meet the Ever-changing Demand

Luxury, Retail & FMCG Business Intelligence
Gain a competitive advantage by monitoring market conditions.

In the highly competitive FMCG, luxury and retail industries, brands and retailers must be able to respond quickly to changes in market conditions in order to predict and meet consumer demand. Staying ahead of market trends and your competition, is crucial in driving customer loyalty.

Wisers solutions for FMCG, luxury and retail companies will help you adapt to a dynamic environment, anticipate consumer desires by monitoring trends, and gain the edge in the face of massive changes. We have the expertise to provide influencer marketing as well, helping you to connect your products with the most high-profile people throughout Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

Key Benefits of Direct Industry Intelligence

Improve Visibility

  • Vertical industry content coverage across all media: print, online, social, TV, radio, etc.
  • Achieve a comprehensive, real-time picture of your brands and products at anytime, anywhere via web browser and mobile device.

Adapt to the Ever-changing Demand and Manage Crisis Effectively

  • Proactive media monitoring with automatic news filing and tracking.
  • Leverage detailed media, market and competitor news to keep your strategic planning ahead of the ever-changing landscape.
  • 24x7 alerts on negative and key issues, enabling you to monitor and respond to crisis instantly.

Maximize your Marketing Effectiveness

  • Compare cross-brand performance within your industry via detailed daily media and marketing campaign overviews
  • Locate and evaluate competitors' publicity and advertisements.
  • Influencer marketing by targeting the most prominent people in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.
  • Keep a pulse on every mention related to your products with publication detail, brand names, advalue associated with its content proportion, etc.
  • Ensure strong returns on your marketing budgets by assessing invaluable daily media share-of-voice and PR value updates.

Discover Insights and Opportunities, Anticipate Trends

  • Stay ahead by assessing all essential industry intelligence including relevant news and events, competitor moves, trends, product reviews, top influencers, social media word-of-mouth, etc.
  • Take advantage of the real-time analytics, discover meaningful and actionable insights and support timely, insight-driven decisions.

Learn How Wisers Solution Can Help a FMCG Company in Campaign Management

User department:



Monitor and evaluate a product launch roadshow activity

  • Flexible for ad-hoc events
  • Comprehensive media sources
  • One-stop to gather, share, analyze and store information
  • Research brands and products
  • Benchmark competitors
  • Evaluate publicity campaign effectiveness
  • Explore business opportunities

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