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Empower your strategy with media monitoring solution, analysis tools, and actionable insights across all media channel.

Advanced Media Monitoring For Your Business

Monitor social media with customizable keyword settings. Gain insights on social sentiment and competitive influence through visual dashboards.

Harness AI and machine learning for deep data analysis. Features anomaly detection, pattern recognition, and insightful, easy-to-understand summaries.

Optimize your social media strategy by identifying key influencers. Simplifies complex data, providing clear insights into trends and audience dynamics.

Offers unparalleled global market insights with comprehensive access, advanced analytics, time-efficient research, and reliable, accurate information.



AI-Powered Analytics

Revolutionize media analysis with advanced NLP, OCR and Logo Detection technologies.

Real-Time Data Tracking

Experience the pulse of global media with real-time tracking.

Omni Media Coverage

Comprehensive coverage of all Chinese social media channels, including social media, blogs, online news, and print.

Crisis Alert

7x24 social media monitoring, early detection of sensitive signals for effective crisis management.

Sentiment Analysis

Decode the emotions of your audience with our advanced sentiment analysis.

API Integration

Effortlessly merge media insights with seamless API integration, enriching your data ecosystem.

Data Coverage for All Media Channels

Wisers features extensive daily updates, strong Chinese media coverage, and deep insights from influential social media leaders.


Wisers - Hong Kong #1 Media Monitoring Solution

We are the leading provider of AI-powered media monitoring and big data analysis solutions in Hong Kong. Since our inception in 1979, we have specialized in delivering valuable insights through our omnimedia approach, seamlessly integrating multiple media format.

Our dedication to utilizing advanced artificial intelligence for comprehensive data analysis sets us apart, ensuring our clients receive the most relevant and impactful information across various industries.

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Wisers Analytics

Transform Your Business with Our Expert Data Analytics

Wisers Analytics stands at the forefront of data analytics, offering bespoke solutions that delve deep into brand issues and market dynamics. Our expertise lies not only in gathering data but also in extracting meaningful insights that drive business success.

Our analytics reports are meticulously crafted to address critical aspects of your business, including: