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Wisers Research


Driven by technology, Wisers Research is dedicated to be a world-class industrial research lab at the forefront of developing innovative & high impact technologies for automated and intelligent media and market intelligence solutions.

Wisers Research aims to extend Wisers' leading position in the Chinese information & media service market by:
  • Streamline workflow
  • Improving scalability
  • Automating the existing manual content management process
  • Uncovering critical intelligence that is usually unobtainable through conventional methods or channels
Research Force
Wisers Research is powered by a team of brilliant and well-educated experts who received their PhD or Master degrees from world renowned universities. Their education background spans across the following disciplines:
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Statistics
Research Methodology & Areas
Participating in every step of the innovation process, Wisers Research employs an open yet systematic and iterative approach for our projects, from the initial ideation, project selection, through rigorous proof-of-principle and proof-of-concept, to technology transfer and evaluation. We carefully listen to our stakeholders from both internally and externally, while at the same time consider technical merits when making decisions. 

Our main research areas include:
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Pattern Discovery
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Social Data Mining
  • Image Recognition
  • Information Retrieval
  • Text Analytic
Academic Research & Collaboration
Originated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Wisers has always maintained strong relations and collaborated with top-notch academic and research institutes to realize the very best ideas. We accelerate technology advances by:
  • Supporting academic development and technology innovation
  • Carrying out joint research with universities
  • Offering internship opportunities to students
Featured Research Projects
Sentiment Analysis
Auto sentiment recognition through machine learning & natural language processing technologies to obtain real-time insights & alerts about subjects of interest (e.g. brands, products, and people etc.) from news and social media.
  • Built-in linguistic expert knowledge
  • Intelligent machine learning & classification
  • Industry specific models and lexicons
  • Superior accuracy for both Mandarin & Cantonese articles
Image Recognition & Retrieval
Automatically recognize brand logos in publications; retrieve images of concerned subjects (e.g. brands, products and landmarks etc.) from social media; and enable image-based media coverage monitoring, advertisement targeting, and visual analytics.
  • Automatic detection of intrinsic visual signatures
  • Tolerant to scaling, rotation, occlusion & perspective transformation
  • Powered by advanced artificial intelligence techniques
  • Near real-time processing and analytics
Content Filtering
Filter out unlawful or undesirable content automatically by utilizing machine learning and natural language processing.
  • Automatic full-text processing & analysis
  • Intelligent discriminative feature extraction
  • Capable of filtering massive content in real time
  • Flexibility to incorporate expert knowledge & user feedback
  • Generic approach applicable to any content

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