Expert Data Analytics for Business Excellence

Leverage the expertise of our seasoned data analysts and extensive experience to drive strategic business transformation, optimizing KPIs and providing valuable industry insights.

About WisersAnalytics

Pioneering Media Big Data Analytics

At WiserAnalytics, we’re committed to elevating your business performance with our expertise in media data analytics. Our tailored approach transforms your data into strategic insights, driving your business to new heights.

Enhancing Business Performance

Empowering client success through thorough KPI-driven industry analysis.

Proprietary Data & AI

Harnessing our proprietary social media data and advanced AI capabilities for deeper insights.

Diverse Industry Expertise

Delivering comprehensive data analysis across multiple sectors every year.

Our Offering

Tailored Solutions for All Your Business Needs

Customer Insights

Utilize demographic and psychographic data to engage customers effectively, boosting conversion and fostering loyalty.

Trend Analysis

Identify industry trends and brand rankings to strategically position your business in the competitive landscape.

Brand Evaluation

Assess brand presence and public sentiment, optimizing engagement strategies for maximum market impact.

Influencer Strategy

Leverage top media partners and influencers efficiently to maximize reach and effectiveness in your marketing efforts.

Content Optimization

Craft compelling content and analyze campaign performance for insights into customer engagement and preferences.

Journey Insights

Deep dive into customer experiences and journeys, tailoring strategies for enhanced in-shop and digital interactions.

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Dive into the heart of Hong Kong’s social conversations with Listen2HK. As the leading platform in social listening and big data insights, we bring you the hottest topics and professional industry analyses. Stay ahead of trends, understand market dynamics, and gain unparalleled insights with our regularly updated content.

Tailored Solution for Every Business Need

  • Omni-Media Performance Tracking: Examining strengths and trends in brand and competitor performance across various media channels.

  • Marketing Strategy Enhancement: Identifying ways to maintain brand strengths and address gaps for overall improvement of the marketing funnel.

  • Core Trigger Analysis: Exploring key factors behind brand strengths and rapid growth for future marketing and reputation management.

  • Trend Identification: Quickly identify hot industry trends.

  • Content and SEO Tactics: Generate actionable tactics for content ideation and SEO, including short-term strategies, top-performing, and effective taglines.

  • Media Positioning Assessment: Analyze the brand's positioning in key media outlets and identifying gaps for future engagement.

  • Engagement-Driven Media Selection: Identify engaging or high-value media sources to enhance audience participation.

  • Emerging Social Media Tactics: Study into competitors' use of Instagram video posts, reels, and stories.

  • Influencer Engagement Analysis: Evalute top influencers and their key themes, brand coverage, and active periods.

  • Cost-Efficient Influencer Partnerships: Identify budget-friendly yet effective influencers for partnerships.

  • Endorsement Strategy Development: Asses top influencers for endorsement opportunities and brand alignment.

  • Campaign Performance Review: Assess strengths and trends in brand and competitor campaign performance.
  • Future Campaign Tactics: Develop strategies for future campaigns, including short-term tactics and content strategies.

  • Shopper Journey Zoom-in: Explore key attractions and pain points throughout the shopper journey for its optimization.

  • Retail Experience Strategy: Strategize investments in retail experience enhancement, content development, and SEO.

  • Demographic and Psychographic Profiling: Identify the demographics and psychographics of your target audience.

  • Tailored Content for Optimized Conversion: Leveraging customized content strategies to convert your target audience into engaged and purchasing customers.