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Unleash the Intelligence across the Entire Media Spectrum

Big Data Analytics Service
Uncover business intelligence across Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & Macao

Our professional research analysts help you aggregate and analyze content across media, deliver actionable intelligence, comprehensive reports and deep insights customized to your needs.

With WiseInsight, it allows you to:

  • Gain qualitative and quantitative insights into media coverage
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Understand your brand reputation and perform brand health checks
  • Measure campaign effectiveness, media performance, share of voice,etc
  • Understand your target audience by listening to their needs online and identifying their behavioural patterns 
  • Make smart business decisions

If you are a New Comer, WiseInsight could provide you with…

Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • ► Brand ranking by buzz/engagement
  • ► Buzz/Engagement trigger identification
  • ► Sentiment Analysis
  • ► Hot Media Platform
  • ► Brand Positioning Map
  • ► Brand Image Study
  • ► Best Practice of Competitors

Understand Target Audience

  • ► Demographic info on Weibo
  • ► Consumer Purchase Journey
  • ► Target Audience Segmentation
  • ► Golden Keywords for SEO

If your company seeks for Expansion/Localization, WiseInsight could provide you with…

  • ► Local Influencer (media/KOL) Identification & Effectiveness Tracking

  • ► Campaign Effectiveness Analysis

  • ► Hero Product Analysis

  • ► E-PR Communication Diagnosis

  • ► Co-Mention Analysis

  • ► Seasonality Analysis

  • ► Best Practice of Competitors

  • ► Channel Strategy

    •      ● key media platforms utilization in different regions

  • ► Content Strategy

    •      ● Key Interested Topic Angles

If you are a Tycoon in industry, WiseInsight could provide you with…

  • ► Crisis Alert/Issue Management
  • ► iWOM study
  • ► Sharing of New comers/Upcoming Trends
  • ► Sharing of Government Policy/Industry News
  • ► Niche Market/Needs Identification

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