Social Listening and Media Analytics

Discover industry trends & market sentiments in real-time with our AI supported media intelligence platform. Use our media intelligence solution to plan smarter marketing strategies and build engagement with your targeted audiences.

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24/7 media monitoring and analysis of hundreds of thousands of social posts, publications, broadcasts, newswires, websites and ads via our traditional and social media listening platform. Garner actionable insights with speed and accuracy.

Social listening uncovers the response to your campaigns, company news and competitors’ activities almost immediately. To mitigate business reputation risks, you’ll receive instant alerts from our negative news monitoring tools.

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Key features

World’s largest Chinese media database & leader in social listening

  • Tens of millions of new media items added daily.
  • Near real-time social media analysis of Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat, Pixnet, Baidu Tieba, Discuss HK and many more.
  • Track and organize the people and content you want.
  • Identify influencers, engagement rates, product mentions, advertising value, and top media content providers.

Customized intelligence for vertical industries

  • Receive Greater China media intelligence and social insights from our experts who know your industry and your customers’ vertical industries inside out.
  • Meet your teams’ specific needs and those of your target user groups with omni media intelligence supported by AI, trained on big data and AI Linguistics developed by our AI Lab for Greater China markets.
  • Achieve business objectives faster by acting on categorized, easy-to-understand reports of industry news, social media listening and social media analysis.
  • Our data-scientists create intelligent business solutions that help you make sense of the massive flows of information appearing every day relevant to your industry or sector.

The power of AI to track everything from brands to issues

  • Identify trends, engagement and sentiments, and proactively monitor campaigns and brands.
  • Stay on top of developments published by reputable and quality international and Greater China content providers selected by our industry experts.
  • Unfolding Greater China news monitoring linked to events; and trace the discussions back to the original source.
  • Customize tracking folders to group news by subject, label, keyword, author, listed company, vertical industries and stock codes.

Most comprehensive influencer ranking

  • Rank hundreds of thousands of influencers across multiple industries and categories.
  • Receive AI-generated top industry and social media influencer, as well as influencer marketing recommendations – including influencers on WeChat and Weibo.

Media intelligence and negative news tracking

  • Crisis monitoring helps you identify and understand urgent issues that could impact your brand and business reputation.
  • Receive real-time alerts about negative on-line comments and media mentions.
  • Mobile access to all functions and alerts.

Stay ahead of the competition

  • Use media monitoring to optimize your marketing strategies.
  • Track of every mention of your company, product or service in Chinese news and social media.
  • Measure the impact of your campaigns on brand reputation.
  • Benchmark your competitors’ campaign performance with our social media analysis tools.
  • Track your competitors, partners and suppliers to strengthen your competitive advantage.
  • Quickly gain insights, such as luxury industry intelligence, with easy-to-use reports and charts.

Boost Ad impact & spend

  • Read and analyze information from the most comprehensive archive of advertising content.
  • Simultaneously monitor multiple advertising channels and brands.
  • Track advertising campaigns and measure impact with social analytics.
  • Uncover new media audience demographics to determine potential with our media monitoring tools.